Level 1 & 2 Kickbox Reflection

A project log for dREM

dREM plans to create a mobile app that allows the user to effortlessly achieve a lucid dreaming experience through smartphone sensors.

Andrew & BenAndrew & Ben 02/28/2017 at 23:400 Comments

Upon first seeing the kickbox, we were excited to see the cards and to "level up". What we initially liked was how the process was broken down into do-able steps with realistic goals. It can be a little overwhelming figuring out which aspect of our project we wanted to do first but the step by step cards were very useful to give us more of a direction. The level 1 card was helpful because it really made us think about the motivation for the project. Though we differed in exactly what we wanted to get out of the project, it was ultimately beneficial to initiate this conversation and to get on the same (and most important) page. In regards to card 2, we enjoyed the outside the box advice regarding the ideate stage. Moreover, the accountability of completing specific tasks before moving on to another level was a great way to ensure discrete progress. As an example of a (2a.) activity, we want to share some findings from our trend spotting efforts. This activity was fun, because it quickly led us to new information that we have not otherwise learned about, because it is new and not present within more establish research sources we have already sifted through. Specifically, we learned about how an air conditioner, commonly known to be positive for maintaining a comfortable sleep temperature, can actually negatively impact sleep positions and depth of sleep when airflow is directed at a human body. This is only a portion of new sleep trends we took note of.

One of the largest goals that dRem has within the context of Kickbox is learning more about the specific variables that affect sleep and how we may be able to manipulate/record using the existing infrastructure of smart devices. Here is a short-hand list created that includes new variables we otherwise were not aware of before Kickbox related research.




1) Body temperature

Homeostatic set point lower than when awake

Not regulated. No sweating or shivering.

2) Respiration

Lower than when awake

More than Non-REM. Coughing may be suppressed.

3) Brain activity

Lower than when awake

Motor and sensory areas have more activity than during Non-REM

4) Blood pressure

Lower than when awake

Higher than in Non-REM

5) Heart rate

Slower than when awake

Higher than in Non-REM

6) Muscle tone

Same as when awake

None in major skeletal muscles

7) Sympathetic nervous system activity

Lower than when awake

Higher than when awake

Overall, our initial experience with Kickbox has been positive as it encourages even more time be spent on our project of interest.