Project Log 4 | Updated improvements of Design

A project log for dREM

dREM plans to create a mobile app that allows the user to effortlessly achieve a lucid dreaming experience through smartphone sensors.

Andrew & BenAndrew & Ben 03/31/2017 at 19:280 Comments

When we tried to take an honest look at where Ben and I were in the project and where we needed to go next, our answer was simple. Find a coder. This so far has been the largest hurdle to overcome for our project, because we both feel we cannot test our new ideas fully until there is a physical prototype, not figurative, to collect data.

Previously, to champion this issue, Ben and I had the help of Joel to reach out to some of his students. Considering we got zero feed back, Ben and I are going to take our coder-recruitment approach to the next level. After the approval of Joel, Ben and I are planning to walk into his advanced computer programming classes and give an elevator pitch to the students. We are hoping we may get some bites. If so, we plan to take said student out to lunch to further persuade them and bring them up to date on our project to evaluate if they are willing.

That being said, Joel recommended before we approach a potential coder that we have a detailed, straight forward pseudo code completed to help the student visualize what we want and to help minimize the amount of time he has to spend on design aspects.