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A project log for GBAA: Game Boy Advance Arduino

An Arduino- based prototyping handheld housed in a GBA case

Craig HissettCraig Hissett 02/09/2017 at 21:220 Comments

Ive managed to dig out my breadboard and so over the weekend I'll hopefully be beginning to start working on getting this fella working!

Nothing fancy at first; basic functonality, all written using the Arduino IDE. This log is just to outline roughly an order for myself to approach this.

First up, the pro micro:

Arduino Nano


For the second version (the one using the nextion screen ) I'm planning a slightly different approach. With the Nextion screen handling all the menus I can hopefully have the esp8266 as the main controller (using serial to communicate with the screen and its one analog pin for button reading)

The pro micro can then be repurchased as the slave (doing all the shit the nano will do in this build, but retaining the keyboard functions) and removing the nano from the equation.

Lots to be testing and getting on with! :-)