log 5: woodworking almost complete

A project log for Ma'Tok staff weapon from Stargate

A staff weapon made from wood with actions, lights and projectiles

shlonkinshlonkin 02/25/2017 at 09:540 Comments

The shaft, head, forward decoration, control section, and tail are all roughly complete now. Well, structurally at least. I still haven't installed the electronics, carved details, made the projectile launch mechanism, or painted it. Here's a picture of the major components.

Note that there is no plastic in this picture. I decided to just go with wood for everything. I think it turned out much better that way. But it was educational to try the pvc.

I showed you a picture of those scrap boards glued up with a big hole bored down the center. I made another stack for the decorative part, that long pointy bit. After some work on the bandsaw, the belt sander and a dremel with sanding spindle, it came out even nicer than I expected.

I used the same technique for the control section. It didn't come out quite how I wanted, but it's good enough. I still need to make a small trigger to attach to a lever switch which will be embedded in that bump on the bottom.

The most complex, but not most difficult part was the tail section. It was made from several pieces. The one in the middle is a piece of 1x4 cut with a 10 degree bevel on both sides. The flat pieces are plywood with a 10 degree angle on the mating edge. The long curved pieces were cut from 1x4 and rounded on the belt sander.

After gluing them up and more sanding the results look pretty nice. I still need to do some carving and crack filling before I paint it.