Initial Framing log

A project log for Mandalorian Infiltration Vambrace

This rapid prototyping project is to create a functional Mandalorian vambrace. Priority is to function, then to form. 02/13/2017 at 15:120 Comments

Internal Plastic frame parts form hand and forearm created.

Hand - Adult sized rollerblade wrist guard used. To ensure maneuverability and range of motion for wrist, the hard plastic was bisected. (pictures to follow)

Forearm - The internal forearm piece will act as a frame to mount the internal electrical components to. finding a very thin slightly curved plastic component that was durable in nature was a little tricky, however to keep project costs down the frame pieces were cut out of a part of the side of a *Local Home Improvement Store* Bucket using a dremmel tool. Pieces shaped to fit user.