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A project log for Kinesthetic Laser Rifle Prop

A laser rifle capable of inflicting little to no damage, but with immersive kinesthetic, auditory, and visual cues that bring realism 02/16/2017 at 23:230 Comments

Ok, I am never doing that again. I used a Cura 'grid' type support structure. It is awesome when you have easy access for removal, but if the supports are surrounded by the print, it can be a bit... difficult. It took me 2 hours to remove this crap!! And it doesn't look good.

I used black PLA because it is what I had a lot of...

This is the business end, and half of the generator/accelerator section.


One more piece to the puzzle. 'Line' support structure came out nice...


Finally done!!! Now I can see where made all my design mistakes... :(

Right now it is just put together with sloppy zip ties. Oh and a bolt that is too long. Just wanted to get a mock up together for further design tweaking, wire routing and component housing.