Slit-scan Mode

A project log for PolaPi-Zero

Yet another Polaroid-like camera. Now with flavor! RapsberryPi Zero, Python, Memory-LCD, less wiring. It's all about monochrome.

MuthMuth 02/13/2017 at 17:380 Comments

finally made some test about a slit-scan mode. If you don't know yet, it is worth to google-it. It is on version 0.8 and in the last SDcard image.

For now I implemented 2 types scan. One where each vertical lines are recorded at around 20 per second:

The pictures above are taken with this first mode, and the camera standing vertically. It's a king of very slow 'roling shutter' effect.

Imagine the funny result you can achieve scanning a face slowly rotating ;)

In the second scan mode, only the central vertical line is recorded and stacked to a image which can be the width you want. Be creative :)

To launch these modes, while in 'liveview', use the button 'next' for the first mode and 'previous' for the second. Each mode can be interrupted with the trigger button.