New Board made with atmega88

A project log for Golem

Robotic platform that doesn't need a computer/programmer/compiler. Just move it how you want it to move and it will copy those moves

jperez208jperez208 04/23/2017 at 06:350 Comments

Ok so I got a new board soldered up with the atmega88 and also settled on all the component values. It passed the smoke test so tomorrow I will begin loading the code and making sure it works on the new uC. As long as the everything works out great, I plan on getting a pcb together and sending it out to get some professionally made that are smaller in size. My next immediate step is to turn the slider switch I have now (switch from program to playback) into a tactile switch because using the slider can be clumsy at times. Then I would like to get a second "action" switch going so the end user would have more options for inputs. On the motor side, you could get as many going as you would like as long as you have enough h-bridges and ADC pins. All in all, its coming together better and better. It has been a project for a long while now and it feels good to finally put it completely on the front burner and push for a end that may actually be in sight this time.