6S battery meter

A simple project designed from an arduino nano, some resistors, and some perfboard to display discharge data.

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As the description says this is an elementary circuit consisting of an arduino nano and some resistors. The main complication that I had with this project is that I had to make an arduino read an analog input (1-5V) of 24V! The solution was to build a small circuit incorporating a series of resistors as voltage dividers going to ground. I was able to tag the intermediate node from each divider to an analog read pin on my arduino. Lastly I was able to use the ratio of resistors (R1/R2), convert this to a scalar, and multiply the corresponding inputs to get the actual voltage. For resistors I chose 100k and 45k for the 8 and 12 volt nodes respectively and 100k and 20k for the 16, 20, and 24 volt nodes. to top it off I printed out a case for it and will keep it as a tool for future use.

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