March 12th, 2018

A project log for Utilizing CNC to Engrave Jewelry

Utilizing CNC to Engrave Impressions Jewelry Co. intends on continuing existing production as well as begin making philanthropic pieces.

jocelyn-pietroJocelyn Pietro 03/13/2018 at 16:350 Comments

In the past year this project has switched from a 3-D oriented to a CNC oriented project. Elon University now has a new Maker Space that has new technology that allows me to be able to utilize this space. I have made prototypes (pictures to come) that are .925 sterling silver and are a much better model than those of last year. In addition, I have switched from suede to leather for the chokers in order to make the most durable product possible. In the coming weeks I hope to create a guide that helps make the process more efficient. Additionally, I hope to get proper photographs taken of the new products in order to contribute to the new website and rebranding that will take place upon the completion of all of my prototypes. Then going forward the rest of my project will aim to focus on marketing and creating relationships and networks with others to get my name out there!