March 28th, 2018

A project log for Utilizing CNC to Engrave Jewelry

Utilizing CNC to Engrave Impressions Jewelry Co. intends on continuing existing production as well as begin making philanthropic pieces.

jocelyn-pietroJocelyn Pietro 03/28/2018 at 19:160 Comments

Dear Project Followers,

In the past few weeks, I have been working to design a new interface for Impressions Jewelry Co. As this is still in the works I have yet to post the url here, but will be doing so in posts to come. I have attached a preview of the website to this post.

I would love to gauge feedback on what people do and do not like on their favorite merchandise websites as I think this would be useful information as I design my interface. 

Additionally, I am in the midst of creating a prototype that will be able to engrave various different kinds of jewelry. As of right now it only works with one and I will need to continue to fix the other one so that it is able to work for both (circle pendant and bark necklaces).

In the coming weeks, I hope to have a finalized website and finished prototype, so that I can make several demonstrations to photograph for the new website. Following these steps I would like to create a manual on how to utilize the equipment on how to make the jewelry (so others could help me if necessary). I will do this with my makerhub staff mentor as he is very familiar with many of the settings necessary to complete this process. 

Feel free to contact me if any of you have any further questions regarding my progress and the ways in which Impressions Jewelry Co. is growing!

Jocelyn Pietro

CEO and Business Owner

Impressions Jewelry Co.