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A project log for Utilizing CNC to Engrave Jewelry

Utilizing CNC to Engrave Impressions Jewelry Co. intends on continuing existing production as well as begin making philanthropic pieces.

jocelyn-pietroJocelyn Pietro 03/23/2017 at 19:310 Comments

Project Followers,

This past week Impressions Jewelry Co. was working with an organization called Elonthon to make FTK (For The Kids) bracelets and necklaces to raise money for Duke Children's Hospital. The $20 products donate 25% of their funds to the organization itself. This past week the products raised $30 for this cause. While this is not significant money, each dollar counts and this is only the beginning stages of this product.

I was also approached by a local who is in the process of opening a boutique in the surrounding area. She asked me if I would be willing to sell my jewelry at her store. We have a meeting set up for next week on Thursday March 30th to discuss this further. I plan on bringing product with me to give her an idea of what this would look like.

In the coming weeks I hope to take inventory of everything Impressions has required over the past months. Additionally, I hope to begin compiling the budget that has been spent utilizing the Maker Hub grant. In this process I will continue to contact PJ Tool and figure out what kind of tumbler they utilize for their custom metal that I utilize.

In the posts to come look out for news about Impressions entering into a boutique as well as updated pictures of tumbled pieces.

Thank you for keeping up to date with Utilizing 3-D Printing to Make Jewelry!

Jocelyn Pietro

Impressions Jewelry Co.