Quantity   Component name
1 × Newspaper For paper mache
1 × Masking Tape / Painting Tape To keep paint from getting into unwanted places
1 × Pen For a fake antennae on top of BB-8's head
1 × Wood Putty To coat BB-8's body with for a nice smooth finish
1 × Sandpaper For sanding the finished body and head of BB-8
1 × Water To mix with the glue for paper mache
1 × White Spray Paint
1 × Grey Spray Paint
1 × Orange / Tangerine Spray Paint
1 × Wooden Dowel Rod For another fake antennae. A 2mm cylendrical rod should do
1 × 3' Wide x 2' Long x 1/4" Thick Wood or strong cardboard For the base of the inside of BB-8's body
2 × 19:1 Metal Gearmotor 37Dx52L mm To move BB-8
1 × 300mm Styrofoam Ball BB-8's head
1 × Arduino Uno The Brains of the Robot
1 × Beach Ball The skeleton of BB-8's body
1 × HC-05 Bluetooth Module For a wireless connection between BB-8 and your phone
1 × Canvas (or fiberglass) For the paper mache body. get at most a 12 x 12 pack of 8.
1 × Clear Ornament that pulls apart into two halves (I don't have the exact size down yet, will update soon) For BB-8's eye
1 × Clothes Hanger For the magnets
1 × 8-20,000mAh external battery To provide BB-8 with power
20 × Jumper Wires Wires that don't need to be soldered to connect to the Arduino. you need a pack of 20 female to male wires
1 × Arduino Motor Shield To power the motors
1 × Mounting Tape To attach the battery and electronics to the wood/cardboard
6 × Neodymium Magnets To keep the head upright while BB-8 is moving. Use a 1/4" thick x 1" diameter magnet
1 × Roll-on Deoderant Cap For BB-8's aesthetics
11 × Roll-on Deoderant / Ball Bearings Any kind should work... but try to get a small bottle
1 × Servo For moving BB-8's head
1 × Elmers Glue For the paper mache
1 × Soldering Iron For soldering wires (most of the wires won't need soldering, but some will. Also it's helpful for carving the inside of BB-8's head)
1 × USB to 5.5mm DC cord For getting power from the battery pack to the Arduino Uno