Quantity   Component name
1 × Boost conveter module Again typically found on eBay and the like
1 × TP4056 based USB Lithium-ion charge module Typical and common board found on eBay, Banggood and the like
1 × DSO138 scope kit
4 × 18650 lithium-ion cells (circa >1000mAh) Matched voltages or as close
1 × Slide switch model for DSO box came with mounting hole for a slide switch
4 × M3x40 Hex socket, cap head screws
4 × M3 std hex nut
1 × DSO138 Chunky 3D printed case + buttons
1 × Red 3mm TH LED for charge indication
1 × Green 3mm TH LED for charge indication
2 × M2 self tapping screws screws to hold bail arms to case