• SD Card Wifi Adapter

    Sri07/10/2022 at 19:08 0 comments

    For ready-to-use applications check out the SD Card Wifi Adapter.

    caveat: It uses SPI mode (low speed) so Its slow and sometimes glitch-y.

  • Brief How To

    Sri11/23/2019 at 00:18 2 comments


    One goal of this project was to be accessible to lots of people. The total BOM cost using off the shelf components is < $100 (USD):

    * (micro)SD card extender

    * FPGA [ know of an open source FPGA that works here? Please share! ]

    Here's a brief how to:

    (1) Connect your (micro)SD card extender to your FPGA pins

    (1) b. Map out your pins

    (2) Load up the open source SD card emulator onto your FPGA

    (3) A driver on the host machine that can do 3 things:



         lock / unlock the device

    open source release coming soon

    Fun fact: Consultants quoted this project between $25k and $250k and anywhere from 3 months - 18 months. No one could guarantee it would work..

  • SD Card Emulator Source Code

    Sri01/30/2019 at 22:49 0 comments

    Here is open-source code if you're interested in doing this yourself: https://github.com/enjoy-digital/litesdcard/blob/master/examples/arty.py#L109 (Thanks to Florent @ Enjoy-Digital + Ramtin and PO @ Lamda Digital for making this available)

    Should work on any capable FPGA,  Altera and Xilinx are what we have here.

    Detailed update to follow.