I tried to make it as small as possible, considering features like:

- 4,3" 16:9 pal rca screen

- Keyboard

- Wifi

- Bluetooth

- 2 x USB

- Battery with charging circuit

image is in a wip stage where i had too resolder the usb hub

Im not very sure what battery to put in and what its final use will be but it was more about the experience of designing a 3D print and combining different commponents to get a final result.

Obviously it has the mighty RASPBERRY PI ZERO in it, ehich as you know is plenty enough for easy communication but without consuming too much power.

The keyboard does certanly not give a great tipping experience, but size and prizing determined this to be the chosen one. To be honest i didnt really try navigating with this keyboard thru the raspbian OS but theres a way to bind the mouse to some keys.