A project log for Mona Lisa ParaFoil

A lightweight compact fabric/stiffer material Parafoil underslung is a raspberry pi for control and camera feed. See notes this has evolved

slncioSlncio 02/15/2017 at 20:010 Comments

Having done some more head scratching. I feel a Para-foil as such is too unstable in any sort of wind. Action mans parachute never did quite work!!! I've assembled my kit for a first prototype. I've got an old fold-able mini helicopter IR controlled (with two "channels") which had a tail rotor for horizontal control. And I've found a cheap UFO style contrarotating IR controlled model which is Thrust only. So I'm thinking bodge together a very light weight wing frame and hey presto most of a rudimentary VTOL. Both of these RC flyers as helicopters are counter balanced however my concern is the pulling power of the foldable blades on the motors. I've trimmed most excess wight off but having weighed that as accurately as I can on kitchen scales. 5 grams probably is going to be tricky to make a rigid box structure to hold the motors and a frame for a cling film aerofoil wing.....I have an old broken shaver with a good small motor which combined with a prop could provide some more pulling power instead of one of the motors with some careful surgery to remove the old motor and replace it perhaps.

So it has potential and expand ability if all else fails. Possibly Pop my crazy flie in the centre box as another power source and get it to transition to vertical flight using a top or bottom mounted elevator/flap. I'd rarther use what I have though as it'll be more of a challenge and probably more comical too!....