DIY Climate Control Project Log

A project log for DIY Climate Control at your finger tips: WiFi XBee

Most homes have rooms that are too hot or cold and waste power. This project is an open source/community to solve that problem thru zoning.

doug.lepparddoug.leppard 08/12/2014 at 17:560 Comments

We are going to be at the Maker Faire Orlando September 13 -14, come by and say hello.

Code Version 2.03 – 2014/08/07

Current programming Code Version.

Vent and Valve decided on – 2014/8/1

Decided for this prototype to go with Flexdampers and vender found for valves. See

Code Version 2.02 – 2014/07/12

Control the HVAC using only one sensor box. This allowed a portable sensor box and was very successful keeping the right temperature where you put the box.

Final PCB done – 2014/06/16

PCB made for remote sensor box, enough parts for 100 boxes were purchased.

PCB started for sensor box – 2014/04/21

Started design for PCB for remote sensor box. Learning how to use Eagle. website started – 2014/02/08

First steps of the website were started. Learning how to do WordPress sites.

Took break from project

Stopped working project while working on contracts. Needed to bring home the bacon.

Code Version 2.01 – 2013/07/23

Started with controlling the vents in code.

Code Version 2.00 – 2013/07/22

Took out using XBees communication between UNOs and used I2C instead.

Code Version 1.04 – 2013/05/23

Having memory problems code had to be adjusted and arrays more compact.

Display show only final temp. Add menu input, send menu commands to central. Central record temps and log data to SD, normalize temps and add clock.

Code Version 1.03 – 2013/05/09

Allow multiple temperatures reporting from each XBee. This allows the reading of the HVAC unit for safety reason that the HVAC unit will not freeze.

Code Version 1.02 – 2013/05/04

Correct names of rooms displayed.

Code Version 1.01 – 2013/04/06

Display added to report data.

Code Version 0.90 - 2013/02/14

First of the code made XBees talking to one another.

Project conceived – Late 2012

Late 2012 project was conceived and work was started.