Sidekick droid

A robotic side kick to keep you company and safe in your space adventures.

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This robot will be smaller then the one I would make if I had a bigger budget. He will be some what autonomous and there will be a forearm computer to read his sensor data and to take manual control of him when needed.

the raspberry pi will be used as the on the arm computer along with the tft lcd. It will communicate with the arduino pro mini on the robot to give it instructions for manual control when needed. The pro mini will send information to the rasp pi to display on the Tft screen. I will not be buying anything for this project, I will just be using what I have around. If I had a budget I would do things a little differently. I will be 3d printing parts as needed as well.

  • 1 × Addition pro mini or equivalent
  • 1 × Raspberry pi #2 or #3
  • 4 × Mini gear moters
  • 1 × Small motor controller.
  • 1 × Tft touchscreen for the purpose

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  • First steps

    Shane saitz03/07/2017 at 00:27 0 comments

    collecting the components. Measured the parts and 3d modeled various housings.

    Started 3d printing process. May have to reprint some parts due to warping caused by a rush of cold air from a door being opened near the printer. Its -20 Celsius here last weekend. Wish I was farther along but working makes my time very tight.

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