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A project log for Solar Energy Generator

A solar energy system up to 500W in power for use with lithium batteries.

nathaniel-verleeNathaniel VerLee 02/11/2015 at 14:540 Comments

I have been getting a good sense of how I am going to write the firmware for this project, with three basic timer loops that run high priority/frequency, medium priority and low priority tasks. Examples of higher priority tasks will be ADC sampling, power computation, MPPT and voltage regulation algorithms, and some examples of lower priority tasks would be updating the display and responding to button pushes, changing the state of the charging algorithm, and turning on and off loads. The next big tasks will be to write a voltage regulation algorithm and potentially integrate it into the MPPT algorithm, as well as getting a battery charge algorithm to begin testing with.

On the hardware front I have started to compile a long list of upgrades and changes to make to the next board revision, and I hope to get working on the next board once I prove out the current hardware.