On to the Next Rev, A code update

A project log for Solar Energy Generator

A solar energy system up to 500W in power for use with lithium batteries.

nathaniel-verleeNathaniel VerLee 04/08/2015 at 00:070 Comments

I have been digging through lots of TI literature on how to use their libraries to control my solar generators power conversion hardware. This is a fair amount of new code territory for me as the way the write these algorithms its all in optimized assembly to reduced the number of processor cycles needed for running these algorithms. I am going to be working towards a goal of simply regulating the output voltage of the converter, and then from there will move on to implementing a more advanced version of a "perturb and observe"MPPT algorithm.

In other news I have started reworking the board with fixes to many of the bugs I have found and changes to many of the components I am using. I will be doing a bit of cost reduction and component optimization along the way, and have gotten ride of a few things, mainly the 5V rail. I am hoping to get the next revision out in a month or two, but there is still plenty I can do with the hardware I have now.