Porygon V2 - but not the evolution of Porygon

but more stuff in it, than @benchoffs design I took the liberty to take.

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After two hours of trying to import and fix the STLs from Mr. @Benchoffs I'm now pretty sure I designed it all by myself. Well no. I didn't. But now that I have everything in 123D Design, I can start hollowing out the parts and add some LEDs and servos to make it move around and spit out those funky 12Hz red and blue LED pulses, that made 635 kids puke and almost stop the show. My inner continuity guy tells me to tell you that it actually was Pikachus fault, he made those rockets go bang and then the screen flickered. But nevermind. LED eyes it is. and servo legs.

This might be a Sci-Fi Contest worthy entry, hope le benchoff doesn't mind.

By the way, Benchoff did a great job with the model, he also gives a printable version and stuff - but putting the parts into 123D Design was a pain, because the head and body parts have overlapping lines. I fixed that by "splitting" the mesh in meshmixer, removed one of two given objects (they were identical, but on the same spot - weird) and I might have pressed "autorepair" afterwards. Then I got something really low-poly, instead of the "make solid" buttons, that gave me objects with 200000 rectangles ... wuah.

Mad props to: #The Original Low-Poly Pokemon

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