A project log for Plant Friends

Plant Friends is a wireless plant environmental monitor system. It uses the Raspberry Pi and the Moteino and comes with an Android app!

dicksondickson 07/21/2014 at 01:220 Comments

This is an ongoing project for me (probrably in perpetuality lol) so I'll update and improve on it as time progress. Some stuff is still really rough, mainly the web interface to add sensor nodes into the database. The app looks nice but missing some basic functionality like scrolling through the list of nodes (lol) and the ability to edit sensor node information. 

The main python script that runs on the Pi and the sensor node / gateway Moteino code all works great and the whole system is functional.

I already wrote a comprehensive how-to tutorial instructable on my website:

I have a few things planned for Plant Friends and I'll post updates here!

Stuff in the pipeline:

1. 3v/5v battery booster: have the system to power 5v sensors if needed.

2. solar power: sensor nodes running on solar power

3. Android app improvements: add features to the app like adding nodes, edit information and other fun stuff.

Questions, comments, suggestions welcome!