Gin.TBA | Modular Sound Card

Keep your Ears safe!

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2 or 3 flavours - pro & consumer;
Swappable module Market Place - exchange, sell, buy, upgrade;
Modules can be made by anyone - prices will vary widely and not everybody will need or be able to afford every available part.. [think of a transformer costing 1x$100 and you need two to begin with.., cases could be 3d printed or cnc'd]
Swap dacs, adcs, op-amps and other components at any time;
This also gives you an upgrade option, where you do not have to re-solder components and where pin compatibility comes into play ;)
Makers selling via market place, would contribute tiny % to r&d + project, we can vote on that later % 1? 2? 3? :D

Some Turntable hacking

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It will have a:

  • heart - the clock
  • brains - the controller(usually usb)
  • ears - In's
  • voice - Out's
  • body - the case

Consumer grade sound card might look like

This is one of those projects that will never end..

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Gintaras Valatka wrote 08/18/2017 at 07:26 point

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