Box Casting & Sheet Metal parts

A project log for Elysium Max Exoskeleton

Exoskeleton suit replica from the movie Elysium in Autodesk Inventor, 3D printed and investment cast out of Aluminum

Valeriy NovytskyyValeriy Novytskyy 03/21/2019 at 21:000 Comments

I successfully cast the chest plates this fall (see Shell Casting Success), but after many casting attempts on hip bones this winter, I finally ran out of slurry. I can't order more because it would arrive frozen, resulting in permanent chemical damage.

Issues included areas that cooled too fast, porous surface, and pieces of the mold breaking off prematurely:

So, I am switching back to box casting. Here's the breakdown of the parts I have left to cast:

Shell casting with SuspendaSlurry

Box casting with UltraVest

I also started working on polished sheet metal bracelets to attach arm bones without using elastic belts or gauze (like in the movie).

The prototyping session:

The parts I uploaded to RSM RapidQuote: