Quick update #6

A project log for Working Arious motion tracker

Working motion tracker from the video game Alien: Isolation

Lovro Dujnić 08/13/2017 at 04:230 Comments

As you may know, we've started this project for SciFi hackaday competition some time ago without finishing it, and shortly after competition we didn't do lots of new updates. The reason for this is that we are quite busy, we have other projects and jobs to do. Not to mention problems with 3D printers that we had..

So, the printer is working now and I'm fixing some problems with mechanical design. Some modifications were made to handle holder and handle part to avoid unintentional spinning. Other mechanical parts are modded too. Screen that we ordered had wrong scales in original datasheet so we need to correct that in mechanical design. New updates will come hopefully soon and we hope to finish the project within few months.