Series 1 3D printed Bowl turning Lathe

Turn larger stock inside and out.

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Another in my 3D small machine series, this machine makes bigger parts on both inside and outside of workpieces. A machine for makers to make!
While referred to as a "Bowl Lathe" It is actually useful for making many shapes and items for hobbyists.

Use with Styrofoam,balsa wood ,poplar basswood and other soft materials.

Series 1 3D printed Joystick operated Bowl turning Lathe

The fourth machine in this series, this Lathe turns larger, shorter stock centerless and can remove material from both outside and inside.

The X,Y axis is in postion 1 for turning the outside which gives acess from the faceplate to the end of the workpiece. This machine can handle a maximum of 3 X 3 inche square. When the outside is as desired the X,Y axis is moved to the end of the stock where the internal matrerial can be removed. The axis are driven by a standard Ps2 joystick.

The machine can be used to make small bowls, candleholders ,tube to tube adapters etc. The axis are tracked on a digital VFD DRO which indicates depth of cut for each axis. This is handy when you want to cut grooves the same depth, and track material removal.

The axis are the standard ones I have printed and used throughout all my machine building and are equipped with bipolar steppers. The axis both use standard 8mm leadscrews. The headstock is also my standard use one for all my other lathhes and is variable speed.

The foundation and base for this machine had to be very durable and rigid. Turning this large of stock creates vibration and will shake the entire machine if not properly supported and braced.

As you can imagine this machine makes a bit of a mess when operating, but is easy to clean up afterward.

  • Machine foundation and base

    castvee802/12/2017 at 23:15 0 comments

    Needed a really sound structure for this one. Used the tube and block construction I have used on other machines.

    Lots of printing!

    Added a secure spindle motor mount area.

    Planking the deck for axis mounting.

    Locations of the various machine components.

    The joystick moves the axis.

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