Raspberry Pi Fermentation Controller

Native Python version of the BrewPi temperature controller.

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Fuscus is the Latin name for the Brown Water-Python. It is also the name chosen for this native Python implementation of the BrewPi fermentation controller.

BrewPi ( is an Open Source temperature controller for brewing beer or wine, designed and developed by Elco Jacobs. It initially comprised of a Raspberry Pi and Arduino. The Arduino handles the temperature sensing and PID control of a heater or cooler. The Pi provides data logging and a web interface. A serial link joins the two parts of the system together.

I felt that the Arduino was unnecessary as all of the I/O can be done directly on the Pi, although some consider the Pi is not as reliable as an Arduino. I have re-written the Arduino code in Python, which runs on the Pi. Temperature sensors and relays are connected to the Pi GPIO pins. No Arduino is required.

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