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A racing Go-Kart with a 2 (or 4) cylinder turbocharged fuel injected electronic ignition Briggs and Stratton Engine

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I wanted to try something with a bit more mechanics involved, and knowing my passion for cars I thought "why not build an engine?" Then that thought evolved to "Ima make a racing kart!"

Right now I'm designing the ECU and sensors, and making prototype parts to experiment with. My proposed idea is to take two identical lawnmower engines, strip them apart and put them together to act as a 2 cylinder (or 4 cylinder if I can get my hands on 2 V-Twins). Then I'll modify the new engine block and heads to have fuel injection, electronic ignition, and water cooling, add a turbocharger on it, place it in a go kart frame with a manual transmission, and take it racing!


-Find 2 identical engines

-Weld the blocks together into one piece

-Modify the crank and cam shafts into one of each shaft

-Add cooling system

-Add oil system

-Make a new Alternator (in progress)

-Build a new Carburetor

-Build the ECU

-Build all the required sensors, injectors, and coil packs

-Add belt system

-Rework fuel delivery system

-Program ECU

-Calibrate ECU for performance

-Test Engine

-Add Turbocharger (My Auto Tech class has an old one I might be able to use)

-Recalibrate ECU

-Build Kart frame

-Install engine and drivetrain

-Test Drive!

The pictures in the gallery are the coil pack prototype (the circuit board with the red wire sticking out of it) and the radiator fans, which are working.

  • Alternator is being prototyped

    FloppidyDingo02/17/2017 at 05:01 0 comments

    After finding that car alternators are too big for a small engine, I decided to make my own. I have an old universal motor that I could use, so I did some research and came up with this:

    I still need to wire up the rectifier (hidden under the frame) and regulator (the yellow PCB), then I can test it and see how much power it can put out!

  • Coil Pack prototype!

    FloppidyDingo02/13/2017 at 05:38 0 comments

    I made a prototype of the coil pack, which let's just say did not turn out too well. My design uses a CCFL inverter transformer to deliver the high voltage, but as of now that didn't work. The MOSFET I used was underpowered and burnt up within five seconds, and the turn ratio on the transformer was too low, so no spark. I'm going to install a higher powered MOSFET (4 times more power) and rewind the primary winding to have less turns. I'll also add a capacitor to protect the MOSFET from transients, since a diode absorbs the needed collapsing current to generate the high voltage.

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