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A project log for Vulcan Salute

With this bit of animated art on your wall, it would be illogical if you did not receive extra long life and prosperity.

terragterrag 02/28/2017 at 19:050 Comments

The contest deadline is only a few days away, so I'm really hoping I can write some software that operates my Vulcan Salute. The ESP8266 will use the FastLED library to drive 26 LEDs, send analogWrite() commands to the motor control board, and on another pin analogWrite() to a 12V boost converter with an enable input. I would like the user to be able to select the pattern and change the PWM going to the motor and the boost converter that controls the strip infinity LEDs.
At first, I tried using Blynk because it has a nice interface on the phone. My program works with FastLED and with the sliders in the phone app, but when I use the Menu widget to select patterns, it always crashes, with no reset cause listed on the serial monitor. So I looked at +Jason Coon's webserver code that uses JQuery and Bootstrap. Those tools are way over my head, but Jason's is one slick looking app, so I posted a question to the FasteLED users group. Jason responded very quickly with some words of encouragement, so I will try using his webserver code, adding some sliders for more control. I also prepared a bill of materials with purchasing links and added it to the project description.