Bio Etheric Energy Cell - OvO

OVO pack from dead soldier in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within turned into a cosplay battery.

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An OVO pack from the movie that can be used as a cosplay battery for powering small projects. The pack will be glow from the onboard battery and will dim as the battery runs out of juice. The glow can be turned off with a switch to allow the onboard battery to last longer. Bio etheric energy not included.

Untitled v4.step

Rough layout in Fusion360 to wrap around a piece of 2" sch40 PVC pipe.

step - 2.91 kB - 02/17/2017 at 03:20


  • 1 × 2"x5.75" sch40 PVC pipe
  • 1 × 15-25' EL Wire - Green with inverter
  • 1 × 5000 mAh USB battery Anker PowerCore 5000
  • 1 × Velum paper about 6"x6" will trim to fit
  • 1 × Voltage regulator Used between LiPo and EL battery. Output will be 3V

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  • 99.99999% Complete

    BDM03/05/2017 at 21:29 0 comments

    Finished up making the nose cone this AM as well as a small button extender in the top to turn off the "OVO" glow.

  • 90% complete, just need a nose cone

    BDM02/21/2017 at 01:48 0 comments

    The new EL driver arrived today as well as the addition of the fins and some paint. I ended up making a snap part for the LiPo to sit in out of some Nylon I had sitting around for a few years. I will get that part diagramed up since I did put I on the lathe and mill to shape. Here are a few action shots and a close to final product. Once the nose cone is complete I will diagram the body in Fusion 360 and have a real Aluminum part CNC'd however I needed to make a prototype to find the kinks.

  • The good and bad...

    BDM02/18/2017 at 21:26 0 comments

    Good news, slots are finished, filed, sanded and ready for the fins to be added followed by some paint. I made a short video with out the plexi just to see how it would kind of look when complete. The bad news... Plexi heating sucked! Looked like a dashboard from an old car that sat in the sun so I moved over to paper. Tried printer paper however that is too thick so I got some Velum paper and that did the trick. Unfortuantly I did not get a picture of it as the cheesy EL battery pack had 2 wires touch (on output) and made magic smoke appear. Enjoy the video while I get a new EL circuit.

  • Slits are milled

    BDM02/18/2017 at 21:15 0 comments

    Sprayed some glue on the paper and wrapped around the PVC pipe. Worked like a charm and made the eyeball alignment on the mill a snap. I ended up using a 7/16" 4 flute to cut the 8 segments.

  • We have power!

    BDM02/18/2017 at 19:42 0 comments

    Opened up the IQ battery and EL battery pack and fused the two together. Had to drill some small holes to get the wire out and then removed the batter terminals. Note:. Do not pry the top off it has the glue tape so heat works

  • Template wrapper complete

    BDM02/17/2017 at 03:15 0 comments

    So it has been decided that the green light to support area will be 1:1 instead of 1:2 ratio. This led to some math to figure out how wide the light sources will be.

    Each Width1:1 = (PI(R)^2) / 16

    Having a chunk of 2" sch40 PVC pipe leads to 7.5/16 or 15/32" of an inch per piece. Saving some time it was easier to draw this on paper so that this weekend I can head over to the mill and cut the slots.

    On another note the parts arrived I ended up stuffing the EL wire in the tube tonight and I must say it looks damn close to the same color, very cool!

  • Core is cut and parts ordered

    BDM02/15/2017 at 15:04 0 comments

    ore piece has been cut and is ready for coring and cutting in the details. I didn't want to screw up a chunk of metal so I used a scrap 4x4 and turned to length. Also ordered the EL Wire, battery and will run to the hardware store to get some thin plexi or lexan for the inside.

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    Step 1

    You will need a piece of rod material (your choice) that is about 8-9" in length and about 2.5" in diameter. If you have a 4"x4" chunk of wood you can turn it to size. Since wiggle room is included you can layout multiple pieces, also if using metal or plastic include a few extra inches for the chuck mounting.

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    Step 2

    Turn or file the material selected until core is 2.5" and the overall shape is close to this outline.

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