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A project log for Bio Etheric Energy Cell - OvO

OVO pack from dead soldier in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within turned into a cosplay battery.

BDMBDM 02/17/2017 at 03:150 Comments

So it has been decided that the green light to support area will be 1:1 instead of 1:2 ratio. This led to some math to figure out how wide the light sources will be.

Each Width1:1 = (PI(R)^2) / 16

Having a chunk of 2" sch40 PVC pipe leads to 7.5/16 or 15/32" of an inch per piece. Saving some time it was easier to draw this on paper so that this weekend I can head over to the mill and cut the slots.

On another note the parts arrived I ended up stuffing the EL wire in the tube tonight and I must say it looks damn close to the same color, very cool!