The good and bad...

A project log for Bio Etheric Energy Cell - OvO

OVO pack from dead soldier in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within turned into a cosplay battery.

BDMBDM 02/18/2017 at 21:260 Comments

Good news, slots are finished, filed, sanded and ready for the fins to be added followed by some paint. I made a short video with out the plexi just to see how it would kind of look when complete. The bad news... Plexi heating sucked! Looked like a dashboard from an old car that sat in the sun so I moved over to paper. Tried printer paper however that is too thick so I got some Velum paper and that did the trick. Unfortuantly I did not get a picture of it as the cheesy EL battery pack had 2 wires touch (on output) and made magic smoke appear. Enjoy the video while I get a new EL circuit.