The Noo-D(l)eus FSM PCBs arrived from hackvana

A project log for Noo-D(l)eus Ex Machina - Freeform PCB design proto

The very first prototype PCB testing the new pcb-rnd->FidoCadJ->pcb-rnd toolchain easing freeform bezier & cubic spline track/PCB creation.

a1039181 03/01/2017 at 21:490 Comments

It's a bit like the joke about Unix airlines; you bring the toolbox to the airstrip, build the plane exactly how you'd like it, then fly it wherever you want to go....

The cubic splines, cubic Bezier tracks, footprints and other features made it into the pcb-rnd layout and thence to gerber thanks to custom export module code written for FidoCadJ... and the stroked font used on the PCBs is the Hershey Sans Stroke font, faithfully ported from EggBot font description files with custom code a while back...

Next up... populating the boards...