Ideas for v2 of the flying spaghetti monster PCB

A project log for Noo-D(l)eus Ex Machina - Freeform PCB design proto

The very first prototype PCB testing the new pcb-rnd->FidoCadJ->pcb-rnd toolchain easing freeform bezier & cubic spline track/PCB creation.

a1039181a1039181 03/10/2017 at 22:060 Comments

I've made a solderable link footprint in pcb-rnd, and will add them to the revised layout for the three LED power distribution networks. This will simplify programming as well as testing after assembly.

I think I'll add support for the solderable link footprint as a paremtrically defined element; it only needs a simple awk script and glue code.

I might also add pads for a resistive divider so that the ADC on the spare pin can figure out what speed to flash at, so that one lot of code can be used for FSMs flashing at different rates, simply configured during construction with the right resistor network.