Programming the attiny85 with an Arduino uno as ISP

A project log for Noo-D(l)eus Ex Machina - Freeform PCB design proto

The very first prototype PCB testing the new pcb-rnd->FidoCadJ->pcb-rnd toolchain easing freeform bezier & cubic spline track/PCB creation.

a1039181a1039181 03/11/2017 at 06:170 Comments

In the picture you can see the cheap ebay USBASP clone being updated with the arduino uno acting as a programmer.

You can also see the 10->6 pin adaptor being used as a "pogo pin"-esque "hold in place" programming fixture.

In the end I used the Arduino as ISP to program the flying spaghetti monster PCB, and didn't use the USBASP at all.

The important thing for success was having a programmer which could be used at 9600 baud by avrdude from the command line.

As far as bringing the toolbox to build the plane before you get on it, the Arduino is sporting a shield I designed in gEDA PCB some time ago for this sort of use. So, even the tools were built before arriving at the airport to build the plane!!