2 new printer heads

A project log for IoT thermal grayscale printer shield

Arduino shield (will work standalone also) which would print on a thermal paper. Serial, USB and Ethernet communication, open source.

lukasz.iwaszkiewiczlukasz.iwaszkiewicz 07/22/2014 at 23:000 Comments

Brand new heads to experiment with:

These are newer models of my old head which is now obsolete. Not to mention that these are not original Seiko ones, but cheaper replacements (not so cheap though). The bigger one is compatible with LTPV445 and const me $33 and the smaller one is also compatible with something which Seiko made, but I forgot what. This smaller prints on 2 inch paper and cost $7.50, so it is much more affordable option. But I am still looking for something cheaper, especially regarding this bigger 832 dots wide one.