A project log for HackChef

An open-source recipe guide

Chuma AChuma A 02/25/2017 at 00:420 Comments

We would like to finish this project ready for demo in May 2017. There are three aspects: software (an Android app), electronics (a PCB/or perf board) and casing (3D print).


We looked for food recipe APIs that we could use for the project, but could not find any that were useful to parse for the information we needed. Our project required getting the steps for cooking a dish, as well as the timing for each step.

Moving on, we decided on two recipes to use for this demo. The plan is to build on this later. The recipes are:

Jollof Rice:

Fettuccine Carbonara:

We will adapt both to use in the app.


There are different pot sizes, and manufacturers often make up their sizes as they go. We decided to use these 7 as our standard:

And only design for those 7 pots.