Nordic nRF52832 BLE development board with Temperature/Humidity/Light/Accelerometer sensors.

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Bluey is a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) development board with Temperature, Humidity, Ambient Light and Accelerometer sensors.

Bluey uses the Nordic nRF52832 BLE SoC (System on a Chip) which has an ARM Cortex-M4F CPU and a 2.4 GHz radio that supports BLE and other proprietary wireless protocols. It also supports NFC, and in fact the board comes with a built-in NFC PCB antenna.


- Nordic nRF52832 QFAA BLE SoC (512k RAM / 64k Flash)
- TI HDC1010 Temperature/Humidity sensor
- APDS-9300-020 ambient light sensor
- ST Micro LSM6DS3 accelerometer
- CP2104 USB interface
- 2 push buttons
- Coin cell holder
- Micro SD slot
- 2.4 GHz PCB antenna
- NFC PCB antenna

Bluey is available for purchase on Tindie. Details here:

Here's the public repository for bluey:

Bluey can be programmed using the built-in bootloader, or using an external programmer. The latter can be done with something like the Nordic nRF52-DK which is a bit pricey. Another great option is to use the Black Magic Probe firmware on a cheap STM32F103 breakout. Once this is done, you can both upload code and debug using GDB. I've covered details for this approach in the bluey github repo.

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Vijayenthiran Subramaniam wrote 05/07/2017 at 15:18 point

Make sense as inductor adds up the cost. But provided the increase in the efficiency you can consider it for the future design.

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Vijayenthiran Subramaniam wrote 05/07/2017 at 07:17 point

Why LDO (AP2112K)? Why not a buck converter like AP3407 or AP3417 around the same price range and little more quiescent current? 

Great project btw :)

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Mahesh Venkitachalam wrote 05/07/2017 at 14:53 point

The above require more components and we had limited board space. Overall with the passives they are more expensive than AP2112 as well. But something to consider for the next version... Thanks.

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