• Teensy for the win

    Emach0002/21/2017 at 19:29 0 comments


    Can use a Teensy and the audio shield to handle the hardware side of this. Connecting the USB can give me a serial link between the Linux box and the Teensy to trigger audio.

  • Initial Thoughts - R0

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    Create hardware and software to automate calls between two Magic Jack (tm) phone lines. Upon picking up, the caller plays a short sound clip and then the recipient plays a short reply sound clip. Basically a honey pot for surveillance based off a perversion of the concept of a numbers station. While the code and hardware could be used to create a war dialer, that's not my intent. My goal was to find a buddy to host the other magic jack and hardware.

    Just a thought experiment at this point. Would need to either reverse engineer the Magic Jack or rig up a POTS interface circuit to handle TTD, pickup / hang up, and receiving / playing sound. My goal was to keep this as a microcontroller based project with an SD card for .wav file storage.

  • Initial Thoughts - R1

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    Ok so perhaps a better option would be to use a Linux box and use the Skype API to make the calls, accept them, etc. My only issue is I still may need a standalone hardware solution to handle the audio portion. The cost is similar as far as the cost to operate (magic jack vs. Skype) but it may offer benefits in cost save from not having to design and build the POTS interface.