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A project log for Project of Interest

A VOIP-based system to record samples of spoken words to create "Person of Interest"-like audio messages.

Chad LawsonChad Lawson 02/28/2017 at 21:240 Comments

This is my first time recording voice using the Twilio TwiML language. In the past I've used one of their "Twimlets" to record and transcribe messages for a DIY voicemail system.

Today I wrote up the code and made some tests. The SQL to pull a random word from the five least recently used words is fine. The voice thanks me for calling and gives me word after word until I hang up.

The recordings, however, keep getting deleted on the Twilio side and I can't figure it out.

After spending WAAAAAAAYYYYYY too much time today on this, I'm sending in a ticket and I'll see what I get back.