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A project log for Project of Interest

A VOIP-based system to record samples of spoken words to create "Person of Interest"-like audio messages.

Chad LawsonChad Lawson 03/03/2017 at 03:460 Comments

Okay... after some final code tweaks, I have the system up and running! I have two numbers available for initial tests.

Milwaukee - 414-979-9861
New York - 646-349-0996

In the final run, I'll just use the New York number since that's where the show was located, but it's acting twitchy as of this writing, so I'm making my Milwaukee "sandbox" number use the same web hook for now.

If you call in, you'll get a brief voice intro and then hear a NATO word or a number. When you repeat the number it will save it and log the call (just what word and when). It will keep giving you new words until you hang up.

Thanks in advance.