Amazon Alexa as a Software Robot

Use alexa to automate redundant business tasks using robotic process automation.

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Amazon's alexa has come a long way from being inside a cloud connected voice activated speaker. With all sorts of new features and integrations, it's out of the speaker but into TV and Tablets and from what we see it's going to be in many more products from Cars to Consumer products.

Today, Echo is finding a special place in Homes to make homes smart homes, So why not in offices ? Bored workers bogged down in mundane tasks are more likely to make mistakes. Companies are wise to automate business processes to optimize data entry by minimizing human error and eliminating redundancy. Robotic automation tools can free up employees to focus on more complex, fulfilling and engaging work

Voice is a better user interface which is much more natural for all of us. So we present you a demo on how Alexa could be our virtual workforce, be the face (voice) of the robotic process automation.

Youtube demo : h
  • 1 × Amazon Echo
  • 1 × AWS Lambda
  • 1 × HTTPS service using Node
  • 1 × Selenium

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