Cloud Riff

Connect live audio to the cloud for unique effects and collaboration

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Many audio effects units could benefit from smart and dynamic reconfiguration. A cloud-connected guitar pedal would allow cloud users to adjust audio effects dynamically and in-situ for a truly interactive live sound experience. Additionally, the cloud-connected effects unit could leverage off-unit computing algorithms to find the perfect sound (or at least mimic favorite songs).

I'm hoping to make a device which is very functional while also being hacker-friendly. One of the most frustrating things about many DSP effects units is the lack of algorithm control. They may give you a reverb effect with many parameters, but what if you want reverb in a pyramid instead of a large room? I hope to make a pedal which is transparent.

Currently working on the analog front end, data converters and DSP. The cloud-interface appears to be relatively easy with spark core!

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  • dev components

    Luke07/23/2014 at 18:34 0 comments

    not an official BOM, but a list of tools I'm finding useful for cloud-connected audio development:

    TI DSP kit ($50):

    TI Internet kit ($30):

    Spark Core ($40):

    TI audio amps: LME49740, 

    Speaker driver transistors: TIP 41/42

  • first entry

    Luke07/23/2014 at 18:20 0 comments

    I decided to upload my "cloud riff" project to the Hack-a-day contest. I figured I would be working on it anyway and I might win a T-shirt or something. I'm currently still trying to figure out what I want to do. I have enough cheap dev boards that I can make sounds, but haven't narrowed down the overall functionality yet. That and I'm currently just really enjoying hearing how different pre-amp topologies sound with my guitar :)

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