Making a razor e200 into a 36v monster

This is how I made my razor e200 go the way it shod of

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This was my razor e200 standard.11 mph not bad.If u could of I would got the E300 trust me.14mph 22mph by doing sprockets,got a 800w motor and to put 36vto it.Lol.U have to put the motor on top and over 500w the sprocket gos to a F8F chain. So learn by my mistake. I got a 350 w 24v.Tell u y 24v later.I fitted the 800w 36v motor and changed the sprockets a lot of work to find out the controller will not take it.It just clicks.On Utube it ses u can by pass this.Mmmm I did.Bypassed the relay not hard.Then some say u can confuse the current shunt, or disable it, Cool.But 10 mins the Fets will go full on, if you don't no what that meens then look it up . Lol . Sorry . Anyway went back to 24v & put the 350w 24v back on.Had to have it working.But could not get out of my head the filling of overvolting wow . It was mad. So now what.New idea poped to me. I am now going to fit the 36v 3 battrys & make it work with out the contoller full 36

  • Using a stst switch as its the one u csn take off the razor side on & off switch. It's the same

I had to make a battery cover as the razor don't have much room . Then work out the wiring to it . You may be thinking why I did not just get a 36v controller. Lol I did 3 off them , one I may of got it wrong , but the others I no I put all the wires together & thy all did not work . & got no wee with the seller . So I tryed the standard controller. The fets inside rated to 70v & by the look of it shod of worked . But puting 36v it just clicked the relay. But u can bypass it . But it will fry the moss fet . So now I am bypassing it .

Running the 36v to the switch and 350w 24v motor to switch. Overvolting it . 350w overvolting works out at 700w motor . That's y I stayed with 24v .


I hated the green, could they done it any worse. Had to be sorted. Son sprayed it primer gray

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Finished the cover for the battry & if need be I made it bobble out one side as if I do need or want to fit the 800w motor it will stick out that side as its a big motor . & u need to move things . I.e brake bit & sprocket & chain & so on . But it can be done .

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  • 36v bypassing the controller

    Jbarlow100702/24/2017 at 16:20 0 comments

    36v no controller so to a switch overvolting a 350w 24v to 36v making it a 700w moter and it flys . U can not stand on it and trun it on u will pull a wheelie. U have to push it along then turn it on , I standard on it and I went flying it was that quick. May need to use a dimmer switch to bring the power in . But for now if u get it rolling then turn it on u can hang on . But this is mad so dam fast I will get a gps mph for the test .

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    36v Three battery

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    as u can see had to make a battry Holder . As there is only room for two battrys

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