Pocket thermal camera

Full featured thermal camera, smaller than a credit card.

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FLIR Lepron based thermal camera, with high quality OLED display.

The challange

It's really useful at your work or at your home to see the invisible! Objects and living beings radiates heat, which offers very valuable information in many cases. However the that radiation in invisible for humans.

Use cases

Using the thermal camera you will be able to detect:

  • Leaks in wall or roof
  • insufficient or damaged insulation
  • electrical problems, short circuits
  • overheated electrical or mechanical components
  • discovering rodents, wasp nests, etc...
  • issues with farm animals or pets

Pocket size Thermal camera


  • FLIR Lepton Thermal Image Sensor 80*60 pixel
  • Full color OLED display 160*128 pixel
  • Atmel ARM Cortex M0+ CPU ( SAMD21 )
  • SD card
  • USB connection

Block diagram of the system:


The device is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

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Anthony wrote 01/24/2018 at 19:27 point

How can I make on of these? Awesome project!

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Evan wrote 06/28/2017 at 21:17 point

Awesome project! FYI there's a new Lepton module that was released by FLIR in April, the Lepton 3. Double the resolution with very similar specs and it's not that much more expensive either!

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oshpark wrote 05/08/2017 at 18:40 point

Exciting project! 

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