File cache considerations

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Connect your browser to your smart devices, using a minimalist HTTP compliant server written in POSIX/C

yann-guidon-ygdesYann Guidon / YGDES 05/18/2023 at 19:360 Comments

As I return to this (now quite old) project and remember how it is structured, the hack of the attributes and MIME types now strikes me as adapted only for very low traffic. If any significant traffic happens, this would increase the number of system calls (open, read, close...) which is not desired. A sort of file cache, at least for the small ones, would somehow reduce the system's load, at least during the construction of the response header.

My first idea was to keep the last X file descriptors open, to at least save on the open() calls and related kernel operations. However this does not reduce the amount of calls because there will still be a seek() and a read(). Oh and there must be a cache lookup and update system as well... So a small cache area, with a dozen of 1KB bins, is required to save on the seek()s and read()s.

File access is far from being a bottleneck. Files get read when a new session starts and this is not timing-critical. However, slowly, this brings us closer to the original intended architecture where the server manages a small filesystem by itself, free from OS considerations and easily embedded in a tiny computer or large microcontroller.