• Bringup and FireWire

    Arsenijs10/11/2019 at 00:20 0 comments

    Since there are no USB ports available, I can't exactly do a LiveUSB boot or something. Fortunately, I had an old SATA HDD with a Debian Jessie install on it, from an old server of mine. Long story short, that's how I booted this motherboard up.

    You also need network, don't you? I have a desktop computer with a free PCI slot and a PCI FireWire card. The card is good, but one of the SMD capacitors broke off... Let me fix that.

    You also need a cable. Fortunately, I bought one a couple of weeks ago, one like this:

    Connect my desktop and this laptop (both running Linux), load proper kernel modules, do some "ip addr" commands on both to set up static IPs, add routes (+disable an old firewall that was on the HDD install I reused):

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  • Memtesting

    Arsenijs10/10/2019 at 23:54 0 comments

    Don't need much RAM - there are two slots for DDR2, could put everything into RAM but likely won't for now. So, will just put some 512MB sticks in there, test them one-by-one. Found one:

    Good! Tested it for 8 more hours, works nice. Found one more:

    okay then. Next one?

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