Stereo Audio DAC Board Designed

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Analog video console based on XMOS xCore with VGA/NTSC/PAL video output and PS/2 mouse/keyboard input. 32-bit scanline-based rendering.

Kevin H. PattersonKevin H. Patterson 03/09/2017 at 07:221 Comment

Got a mini adapter board designed and ordered for the Cirrus Logic WM8524CGEDT I2S Stereo Audio DAC. 24-bit, 106dB SNR. Dual RCA line-level outputs, which are also available on the pin header.

BTW, this DAC runs directly on a single 3v3 supply. It has a built-in charge pump and bias servo to output true 2V line-level signals without using external coupling capacitors. This also eliminates the "pops" commonly encountered when these devices are powered on or off. Cool! :)

Eagle 7.5 files for this audio DAC board are available in the project files section.

PCB on OSH Park


oshpark wrote 03/10/2017 at 17:16 point

Awesome!  thanks for sharing

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