2017 project 8: controlling lights with Alexa

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My lab/studio is in my basement, and is more or less soundproof. When my wife wants me to come upstairs, it requires a bunch of effort to let me know*. For a little while I had a lightswitch in our kitchen closet that would turn on a set of spinning Woot lights, but it was kinda hacky (not in a good way)

The goals of this project are:
1) Have Alexa send messages (at least 2 types) to a microcontroller.
2) Control an LED strip with these commands
3) The strip is my main lab lighting, so a PIR detector to turn it on as well would be nice.
4) There are two types of commands sent, low priority (come up here soonish), and high priority (drop the soldering iron and run up)

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